4 Ways Property Managers Can Budget Their Asphalt Paving Project

4 Ways Property Managers Can Budget Their Asphalt Paving Project

Let’s face it. Budgets are never sufficient. We always need more than we have. And are forced to stretch the budget and think and rethink before saying yes to anything.

Property managers have the same issue with asphalt projects. They have restricted budgets and have whole parking lots to maintain.

Many a time, the asphalt surface in a parking lot is in dire condition, but the budget is stingy. In such a case, you first need to get your Pineville, NC parking lot inspected by experts at SMI Paving. They will provide you with cost-effective solutions to get your asphalt project ready just in time. Click here to get a free quote.

Coming back to the earlier predicament faced by property managers: budgeting an asphalt paving project.

By following the four ways stated below, property managers can successfully budget their asphalt paving project.

Ask the right questions

Do a detailed survey of the parking lot or get an inspector or expert to help you correctly evaluate your asphalt surface condition. Identify even the tiniest issues.

Once you know how badly your asphalt surface is damaged, you can evaluate what course of action to take and when.

Now equipped with correct, accurate, and up to date information, ask yourself: Does the parking lot need to be repaved immediately? Do you have enough funds?

Your decision will set the base for your budget and would be molded around it.

Consider preventive solutions

You must have heard, “Prevention is better than cure” and “A stitch in time saves nine.” These valuable bits of advice also apply to asphalt surfaces.

Repaving and neglecting the damage aren’t the only two options. Regular repair and maintenance can increase the life of your asphalt surface.

Repair includes filling cracks and potholes, repaving a patch that is badly damaged, and fixing depressions.

After the asphalt surface is repaired, a layer of sealant coating can be painted on the surface to protect against water and weather damage, as well as wear.

Plan ahead

A massive part of budgeting is planning ahead. You need to make sure that you have enough left with you for emergency repairs or future projects.

Asphalt parking lots typically last between 15 to 20 years. However, this life expectancy of the surface can increase or decrease depending on use, damage, and maintenance.

Is it smarter to replace your asphalt surface now, or should you repair now and repave later? Will you be able to raise more funds for your repaving budget in the coming years?

Whatever decision you take now will also affect the future. Just keep in mind that replacing twice will cost more than repaving and maintenance.

Partner with the right contractor

Find a reliable contractor who is ready to provide you with reasonably priced long-term services. Hiring an over-priced contractor is a terrible idea for your budget.

Also, hiring a cheap contractor who has amateurs working for him would lead to shabby work that would require constant repair or repaving in a few years. In short, improper work can kill your budget too.

Thus, it is vital to acquire the services of a reliable contractor who provides expert paving services in Pineville, NC, like SMI Paving. To get a quote for asphalt paving your parking lot, click here.