Spruce Up Your Driveway for the Holidays

Can you believe that Halloween is almost here? It seems like the month of October has flown by. After that, you know Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays won’t be far behind. Lots of people put up decorations for the various occasions that are coming up, including around their front doors and walkways. That draws attention to the driveway. Beyond the way this area looks, you need to consider any potential safety issues that could cause a problem for trick-or-treaters or your holiday guests. Follow these tips from a paving contractor to get your driveway and walkways ready for the holidays.

First, decorate carefully. Think about the typical path of travel in and around your home. Make sure that any decorations you put up don’t obstruct areas where people typically walk or drive. Also, make sure that any outside or security lighting is still visible.

Next, look for dangerous spots. Does your driveway, walkway, or sidewalk have holes or large cracks in it? These are easy places for a visitor to your home—or even you yourself—to trip or turn an ankle.

Finally, consider making repairs to places that need it. An experienced paving contractor like the ones on our team at SMI Paving will be able to determine exactly what needs to be done to restore your driveway or sidewalk to a smooth, safe surface. We’re experts at driveway paving and sealing, as well as all other types of driveway repairs for residential and commercial customers in North and South Carolina. Call us today to request a free paving estimate.

Is Your Asphalt Paving Ready for a Hurricane?

Last month, residents of the Carolinas were dealing with the aftereffects of a hurricane. Today, our thoughts are with everyone in the path of another storm, Hurricane Matthew. We want you to know that our flood damage and washout repair services are available for driveways, parking lots, and other concrete and asphalt paving. We’d also like to share some tips on preparing for the flooding that may occur in South Carolina and North Carolina because of this powerful hurricane.

First, check any catch basins or storm drains that are in your parking lot or driveway. Make sure the grate is clean and free of any debris like leaves or litter. Blocked storm drains are one of the leading causes of flooding, especially in urban areas. Take just a few minutes to perform this check and you’ll greatly improve your chances of avoiding damaging flooding.

You should also examine the areas around your storm drains or catch basins. Is the pavement in good condition? If you notice that the concrete or asphalt paving is broken down, degraded, or caving in, it’s likely that the storm drain won’t perform as it should. It could wash out or fail to collect the runoff.

If you notice damaged asphalt or concrete pavement around your storm drains, call SMI Paving for a free estimate. Our paving contractors will take a look at your property. Then they’ll determine what types of repairs may be required. This may include repaving and readjustment of the drain. Regardless of the need, we’re here to serve our neighbors with quality work and quality service.