Why Hire an Experienced Commercial Paving Contractor?

If you had a mechanical problem with your car, wouldn’t you want a trained professional to service it? Just like your vehicle, asphalt pavement is a critical but complicated part of our day to day lives. After all, you can’t have a parking lot without it! When it comes to the pavement at your commercial business in North or South Carolina, SMI Paving suggests hiring a experienced commercial paving service to install or repair it. Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Structured plan – SMI Paving, just like any expert commercial paving service, will come to your business, inspect the pavement of your business’s driveway and parking lot, and then create the best plan to tackle any repairs. A good paving contractor knows that poor planning leads to more mistakes. You need a service that will create a superior plan based on a thorough understanding of your pavement’s condition and the layout of the surface.
  2. Quality performance – An expert commercial paving service will deliver an outstanding job with top-notch customer service. They’ll make sure they’re doing their absolute best on your business’s pavement.
  3. Won’t cut corners – Top commercial paving services won’t blindside you by skimping on their work. They know that paving repairs require focus and preparation to see them through properly. From commercial asphalt sealcoating to a complete repaving job, you’ll get the best possible results.

Does your business need a commercial paving contractor? SMI Paving’s team of trained experts will give you a clean, professional appearance with long-lasting results. Give us a call for service in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Charlotte, and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina.

5 Methods for Commercial Asphalt Pavement Repair

Problems with the asphalt pavement on your business’s parking lot will only get worse as time wears on. Putting off these repairs can be disastrous. But you don’t have to worry—SMI Paving is here to help. We’d like to share the following methods of commercial asphalt pavement repair for your business in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte, and the Carolinas:

  1. Seal coating: Seal coating keeps dirt out of cracks in your asphalt. It makes it look better, too. This is an affordable, high-quality option to repaving your entire parking lot. It will also make your asphalt last longer since you’re adding an extra layer of protection.
  2. Concrete slab repair: Concrete slabs are prone to cracks. Since the slab is the foundation of your building, repairs to the slab are critical.
  3. Asphalt maintenance: Water and dust can slowly seep into the surface of your pavement. But you can stop these problems and reverse their effects with routine asphalt maintenance. You’ll get more life out of your asphalt since you’re reducing wear and tear that naturally occurs from rough weather or movement.
  4. Crack repair: Stop cracks before they get larger. The bigger they are, the more water and dust can get down into your asphalt. This makes your pavement weaker and can eventually cause it to crumble.
  5. Crack filling: Crack filling is another important method of repairing asphalt pavement. You’ll stop water from penetrating the surface, helping your parking lot last as long as it possibly can. Crack filling is relatively affordable, too.

Do you need help with an asphalt pavement repair in the Charlotte area or the Carolinas? Call SMI Paving for our commercial paving repair service. We help your North Carolina and South Carolina businesses have the safest, most appealing asphalt pavement and parking lots possible. See why people have trusted us for their asphalt and concrete needs since 1970.