How Commercial Sealcoating Can Improve Your Apartment or Townhome Complex

Commercial sealcoating isn’t just benefical for businesses. It can also do wonders for apartments and townhome complexes. At SMI Paving, we want to show you why property managers and HOAs should consider commercial asphalt sealcoating for today’s multi-family housing:

  • Wear and tear happens over time – Weather and vehicle traffic are just two of the ways your pavement can become worn out and possibly damaged. Commercial sealcoating doesn’t just repairs these damages. It can also help strengthen your parking lots and pavement against these types of threats in the future.
  • Potholes and other safety issues can occur – Safety is the most important factor for considering commercial sealcoating. If your parking lots have cracks, those can quickly turn into potholes. Those can be safety hazards for drivers and pedestrians alike. Get a commercial sealcoating service out to your complex as quickly as possible.
  • Good appearance equals potential buyers or renters – If your asphalt is suffering from potholes, cracks, and general wear and tear, it can hurt the reputation of your property. A poor appearance can push away potential renters and buyers. Commercial asphalt sealcoating can help you achieve the appearance of a nice, clean, well-maintained neighborhood.

Do you need commercial asphalt sealcoating for your apartment, duplex, or townhome community in Rock Hill, Charlotte, Fort Mill, or surrounding areas of the Carolinas? Give SMI Paving a call for our quality commercial sealcoating service today!

Why Summer Is The Best Time For Commercial Sealcoating

Commercial sealcoating is essential for keeping your pavement in good condition for a long time. But when is the best time of the year to get it done? SMI Paving has done the research and we’ve come up with a list of reasons why summer is the optimal season for this kind of work:

  1. Increase in drying speed – While you may get tired of high temperatures, the blazing heat of the sun is great for speeding up the drying process. We may even be able to complete your commercial sealcoating job faster!
  2. Other seasons’ issues – In the fall, you’ll find that many professional commercial asphalt sealcoating services will be overbooked. That’s because people are trying to get their pavement coated before the winter’s harsh weather sets in. But if you don’t get this protective layer before winter, cold temperatures and ice can turn any small little cracks into big problems. By spring, your pavement could be in much worse condition.
  3. Asphalt “sunscreen” – If you don’t get sealcoating in the summer, you’ll be leaving your pavement to the mercy of the sun – which is rarely forgiving. Sealcoating, like sunscreen, protects the “skin” of your pavement. It’ll look and function like new for much longer.

Do you need to get commercial asphalt sealcoating for your pavement in Rock Hill, Charlotte, Fort Mill, or surrounding areas of the Carolinas? Call SMI Paving for our commercial sealcoating service. See why people have trusted us for the best asphalt and concrete services since 1970.