5 Common Types of Asphalt Cracks

Have you noticed cracks creeping through your asphalt? Here are five common types of asphalt cracks we see at SMI Paving every day to day. If you see them on your property, you should give our commercial paving service a call:

  1. Alligator cracks – The most common types of asphalt cracks, these resemble alligator skin and will spread far and wide across your pavement. They’re usually caused by weak areas on the surface or in the base layer of the asphalt. They can also be caused by bad drainage.
  2. Linear cracks – These are long vertical cracks that run down the center of your asphalt. They’re caused by bad joint construction or general wear and tear.
  3. Block cracks – Block cracks form big squares or rectangles and are caused by asphalt that’s not able to expand and contract with the weather as it should.
  4. Traverse cracks – These cracks run horizontally and are caused by poorly laid construction or everyday changes in temperature.
  5. Potholes – Potholes in your pavement can range in size. These are serious depressions that are caused by severe water damage or by cracks that are left unattended. They cause damage all the way down to the base of the asphalt. They can also cause damage to vehicles and equipment.

Depending on the type of cracks, the asphalt repair methods needed can range from simple to complex. Call SMI Paving today at (803) 548-7772 and let our commercial paving service help your parking lots and driveways. Call for a free estimate today!

Why Does Asphalt Pavement Crack?

It’s one of the most common reasons our commercial paving customers call for asphalt pavement repair – those unattractive, potentially damaging cracks. Sometimes called alligator or spider cracks, these aren’t minor problems you can simply overlook. In order to help you defend against cracks in the future, the asphalt pavement repair experts at SMI Paving want to share with you a list of common causes for asphalt cracking:

  • Lack of upkeep and maintenance: Ignoring the maintenance and repair of your asphalt for long periods can lead to small cracks that fan out and become deeper and more serious over time. When you see a crack, call to get it fixed ASAP before it spreads out more.
  • Improper base and pavement thickness: Improperly installed asphalt can result in cracking fairly quickly. Always work with a commercial paving service that has a lot of experience and a reputation for quality.
  • Water and weather: Water can weaken asphalt and cause cracks. Bad weather, such as ice storms, can do the same.

Do you see cracks in your asphalt in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte, and surrounding areas of the Carolinas? Call SMI Paving today and let us get it fixed and back to a smooth finish. We guarantee quality service as we repair cracks in asphalt pavement. No matter your commercial paving needs, you can rely on us for sealcoating, repairing, and paving that’s done perfectly the first time!