4 Ways to Make Your Parking Lot More Attractive

Many people travel through your parking lot every day – but they probably don’t remember it. However, if this part of your property looks bad, there’s a pretty good chance that image will linger in a customer’s mind. That can hurt your business in the long run. As your local commercial paving contractor, SMI Paving has some tips on how to create attractive parking lots that will help your company stand out from your competitors in North and South Carolina:

  • Start with a clean design – Your parking lot’s eventual appeal starts at the beginning of the construction process. Build thick asphalt layers to give parking areas a strong foundation. Make sure you have a clean, easy-to-navigate layout with striping that clearly offers direction to drivers.
  • Maintain your asphalt – Schedule consistent asphalt maintenance for your parking lot. Commercial paving services like SMI Paving offer sealcoating, restriping, repairs, and repaving for your parking lot. This is one of the best ways to increase your curb appeal
  • Repair hazards immediately – Above all else, fix potholes and other hazards to drivers and pedestrians as soon as you see them. Potholes are unsightly and can deter customers from coming to your business.
  • Create drainage systems – Watch out for standing water, as it quickly leads to parking lot deterioration. Call a commercial paving contractor to help you create drainage systems that will direct water away from these weak spots.

Is your parking lot in need of expert commercial paving and asphalt paving services? Call SMI Paving today. Let us help you make your property more welcoming to your customers in Pineville, Charlotte, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and the Carolinas.

How Do Potholes Form?

While asphalt patches, resurfacing, and repaving can fix a lot of things in your parking lot, it’s really best if the damage never occurs in the first place. As a commercial paving contractor near you, SMI Paving wants you to know how potholes form so you can prevent them on your property:

  • Water – Water is the number one cause of potholes. Identify areas where water typically stands after a rainstorm. Make sure you clear your lot of all ice and snow if a winter storm comes through. Water can seep into your asphalt, contract, then expand. This movement weakens and deteriorates the pavement, resulting in a pothole.
  • Cracks – Cracks will tear apart asphalt. By ignoring cracks and allowing them to grow, you increase the chances of a pothole in your asphalt.
  • Lack of maintenance – Regular maintenance can help your pavement last for years. Professional paving contractors can identify potential problem areas and put a stop to them before they turn into potholes. Without routine maintenance like asphalt sealcoating, you’re opening the doors for potholes to form.

If you notice any damage on your pavement, call SMI Paving for our commercial paving repair service. Get a free estimate and see how we can help your business in North Carolina or South Carolina by taking care of all your asphalt and concrete needs.