Which Is Better – Concrete Or Asphalt?

When it comes to choosing the best materials for an area you want paved, you’ll most likely have two options to consider: concrete and asphalt. As your local commercial paving service in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Charlotte area, SMI Paving wants to compare these two materials for you so you’ll can get exactly the results you want:

  • Time – Concrete paving requires time, dedication, and special care. You may experience a greater disruption at your business since it takes time to set and dry. The opposite is true for asphalt paving. Asphalt usually takes about a full day to pave, depending on the size of your parking lot or driveway. Asphalt also takes less time to set.
  • Cost – Concrete paving is generally more expensive than asphalt. This is because of the concrete itself, as well as the labor-intensive work that’s required.
  • Environmental impact – Asphalt is considered to be the more environmentally-friendly option since you can recycle old asphalt material in with the new. The same cannot be said for concrete. Studies have even shown that concrete can lead to an increase of contamination in local waterways.
  • Temperature and climate – Asphalt is built to withstand harsh temperatures all year round. In addition, with proper sealcoating, asphalt can be water-resistant. Concrete, on the other hand, doesn’t hold up as well under prolonged periods of intense heat or cold.

Although there are some distinct differences between these two materials, they each have their benefits. Depending on your situation, one may be a better choice for your commercial paving service. The best way to make a decision is by calling the experts at SMI Paving. See why businesses in North Carolina and South Carolina have trusted our professional opinions since 1970.

Will Commercial Asphalt Paving Disrupt My Business?

Parking lot damage needs immediate attention. But even though you need to have these asphalt pavement repairs made, you don’t want to scare away customers while the work’s being done. Depending on the size of your parking lot, commercial asphalt paving can take several days. Here at SMI Paving, we believe that commercial asphalt paving shouldn’t be stressful for business owners. Here are some of the questions we get from businesses in the Rock Hill and Charlotte areas about the potential disruptions caused by a paving job:

  • Will my business have to close down while the paving is being done? Not at all. It’s up to you whether to shut down your business until the repairs are finished. In general, commercial asphalt paving work is done in phases. Your parking lot may be divided up into sections so the contractors can tackle one section a day. You’ll usually have part of your parking lot open and available at all times.
  • How soon can my customers and staff use the newly paved or repaired areas? It’s best to let the new asphalt rest for a day or two. Again, since this type of work is done in phases, paving contractors will typically rope off freshly paved areas.

Professional commercial paving and coating companies will work with you to identify the best time to get the work done. Call SMI Paving to get a free estimate for commercial paving in Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Charlotte, and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina.