3 Things to Know About the Asphalt Index

If you’re hiring a paving contractor for asphalt repair near you, you may hear them mention the asphalt index. What is this and why is it important? SMI Paving has the answers. Here’s what we tell our commercial paving clients in Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC.

  • What is the asphalt index? The asphalt index is a third-party calculation of the general cost for asphalt material. It was created to provide a broad idea of the cost for materials at the start of a paving project and again to calculate the final cost based on the amount of materials used.
  • How is it calculated? The index is calculated by the Department of Transportation and is updated monthly. The index prices stem from the set price of liquid asphalt, which depends on the current cost of oil.
  • How does it help you? Since the volatility of oil prices affects the cost of asphalt materials, the asphalt index helps both asphalt contractors and consumers. by eliminating any guesswork. Asphalt contractors can deliver a more accurate estimate of what the cost of materials will be.

When you need asphalt repair near you, call SMI Paving for a free estimate. Our commercial asphalt paving company is dedicated to giving you the best results at reasonable prices.

Springtime is the Right Time to Repair Potholes

As winter draws to a close and spring arrives, you’ll start to see your property with fresh eyes. If you own or manage a commercial property, you may notice that the cold, damp weather took a toll on your asphalt. As a result, there may be a few potholes you need to take care of. The early spring is an ideal time for asphalt pavement repair in Rock Hill, SC, Fort Mill, SC, and Charlotte, NC. SMI Paving has a few reasons why you shouldn’t wait to take care of these commercial asphalt repairs:

  • It’s the best way to stop pothole growth – Winter’s harsh weather and freezing temperatures weaken asphalt, sometimes even after a repair. But if you ignore a pothole for too long, it will grow, increasing the chances of damage to vehicles. Spring’s milder conditions mean that any asphalt pavement repairs take hold and stay strong, stopping the spread of the pothole.
  • It offers a fresh, attractive look – Spring is the time to freshen things up. What better way to showcase this concept than by putting the finishing touch on your parking lot or driveway? Improve the look of your property by calling us today for asphalt pavement repairs.
  • It gives your asphalt a new lease on life – When you take the time to fix your pavement, you’re adding new life to your asphalt. Repairing potholes, cracks, and other damage now means you can wait longer before you need a complete repaving job.

Do you need asphalt pavement repair in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, and Charlotte areas of North Carolina and South Carolina? Call SMI Paving for a free estimate. As a top provider of residential and commercial asphalt repair, we can help you.