How to Protect Your Parking Lot From UV Rays

You know that ultraviolet rays are bad for your skin. But did you know that they’re bad for your pavement, too? Just like they damage your skin, UV rays can cause your asphalt parking lot to break down. If you want to avoid the need for commercial paving repair, there are a few things you can do. SMI Paving has some tips on how you can protect your lot from UV rays.

  • Start with a quality paving job – It’s always wise to call professional commercial parking lot paving contractors to work on your property. Poorly laid asphalt will quickly deteriorate from UV rays, water, weight, and other factors. You should only trust the pros for your commercial paving repair, too.
  • Fix damage as quickly as you can – Damaged areas of asphalt will only increase in size and severity if left untreated. UV rays will have more of an impact on damaged pavement than on areas that are in good condition. As soon as you see cracks, potholes, or other damage, call for asphalt pavement repairs right away.
  • Seal coating adds extra protection –  Seal coating your parking lot adds an extra layer of protection to your asphalt. Just like sunscreen, this coating protects the surface from the sun’s harsh rays. Without it, your asphalt will be at the mercy of the intense summer heat.

When you need commercial paving repair for your business in the Charlotte area, call SMI Paving. Find out how our paving contractors can help keep your asphalt in the best condition possible.

4 Signs You May Need a New Parking Lot

When your parking lot is in bad condition, it sends a message about your company that may not be accurate. At SMI Paving, we know you care about the appearance of your property and the safety of all who are there. If your asphalt isn’t looking its best, it’s time to consider whether you should repair it or call someone for parking lot paving. In addition to weighing the costs, you have to consider the severity of the damage. Here are four main signs that you may need a complete commercial paving job.

  1. Raveling – Broken, loose, and severely damaged asphalt may be an indicator that your parking lot is beyond repair. When you notice damage that cannot be sealed or fixed (called raveling), call a commercial paving company to ask about repaving.
  2. Chemical Stains – In general, your asphalt will collect stains from gas, oil, and other chemicals. In small amounts, these substances cause only minor damage. But over time, these chemical spills will cause the asphalt to erode – especially if large quantities have leaked onto your pavement.
  3. Cracks – While many cracks can be fixed with sealing and filling, large areas of widespread cracking often lead to a repaving job.
  4. Drainage Issues – It’s normal for a little bit of standing water to collect on your parking lot after a storm. However, frequent puddles that take a long time to go away are a sign of a more serious issue. If you’re constantly dealing with drainage issues, it might be time to talk about parking lot paving.

If you notice these things happening with your asphalt, call SMI Paving for a free estimate on our commercial paving services.