Simple Ways to Make Your Asphalt Driveway Last Longer

An asphalt driveway should literally pave the way for you and your guests to enter your home. Adding a paved driveway to your home is an investment, so it’s important that you make it last as long as possible. Here at SMI Paving, we want to help you get the most life out of your asphalt driveway. Here are some simple things you can do.

See a crack or pothole? Fix it ASAP

When it comes to asphalt cracks, don’t let them sit around and get worse. Even one small crack can turn into something that causes a lot of damage to your asphalt if you ignore them for too long. In fact, cracks can and will turn into an even worse paving issue: potholes. Speaking of potholes, if you have them, call us to patch them now. They can grow in size and depth over the winter season, becoming serious and costly issues. Plus, they’ll definitely shorten the lifespan of your asphalt.

Be lenient with rock salt

Asphalt naturally melts ice and snow more easily than other driveway materials. While de-icing agents like rock salt will not have as harsh an impact on asphalt as they would on concrete, use them sparingly. Too much of these chemicals can be harmful to your driveway’s surface.

Don’t forget to sealcoat it

Finally, be sure to get your asphalt driveway sealcoated on a regular basis. Your driveway needs this extra layer of protection. Without it, you can expect to be repaving it sooner than you think.

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SMI Paving Sponsors 2018 Teal Clay Classic

At SMI Paving, we’re about more than just asphalt. We’re about supporting the people who live in the communities we serve. We carry out this mission in several ways. We always strive to provide excellent service, fair pricing, and honest work to every client we work with. But we also look beyond the job site for other opportunities to give back. Through sponsorships of community events like the Teal Clay Classic, SMI Paving is helping create better places for us all to live.

Held in Waxhaw, NC, the Teal Clay Classic is in its fourth year of raising money for and awareness of ovarian cancer. All funds raised go to Fighting With Joy, an organization founded by Heather Steele. While Heather’s ovarian cancer journey ended earlier this year, her memory lives on through her organization and this event.

Fighting With Joy provides emotional support and financial assistance to women facing ovarian cancer, as well as their families. Clients have someone to turn to as they face their diagnosis, navigate their treatment, and work through their recovery. Through a variety of programs and resources, Fighting With Joy walks with women as they manage their care. The organization also provides support to doctors and groups for research, with a special emphasis on early diagnostic testing. Early detection is also highlighted.

SMI Paving is proud to support Fighting With Joy through our sponsorship of the Teal Clay Classic. To learn more about Heather Steele’s story and her organization, visit Fighting With Joy’s website.

What’s Included in a Driveway Sealcoating Estimate?

Sealcoating can do numbers for your asphalt driveway. In fact, driveway sealcoating is one of the best ways you can protect your asphalt from elements like harsh weather and UV rays. When you call for this service, you’ll be given an estimate from the sealcoating company. What should be included in this document? Here’s an overview from SMI Paving.


When it comes to driveway work, especially sealcoating, an inspection is always necessary. It helps paving contractors determine the overall condition of your asphalt. For example, do repairs need to be made before the sealcoat is applied? This evaluation also helps the sealcoating company calculate the time that will be needed to get the application completed. Longer driveways will take more time than smaller ones.


Next, we’ll come back and review what’s needed. If you just want a simple sealcoating job, we’ll tell you if this is the best option for your pavement. During this review, we’ll also give you an idea of how long this treatment will take.

Water Drainage

The contractor will also talk to you about drainage. This can greatly affect the durability of your sealcoating. For driveways with poor drainage, we’ll tell you about additional steps to get the issue fixed.

Cost & Material Consultation

Finally, we’ll next talk with you about the amount of materials and their associated costs.

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4 Ways to Make Your Driveway Look Better

Your asphalt driveway says a lot to your guests, neighbors, and passersby. If it doesn’t look great, people may make that assumption about your home and the rest of your property – even if that isn’t true at all. Before inviting family and friends over for the holidays, you may want to do a little sprucing up. At SMI Paving, our experience with driveway sealcoating means we know a thing or two about how to keep this part of your property looking its best. Here are four ways you can improve the look of your asphalt driveway:

  1. Get it fixed – If your driveway needs repairing thanks to cracks or potholes, don’t wait to get them fixed. Since winter is just around the corner, now’s the time to take action. Driveway repair is the first step to getting your driveway looking its best.
  2. Sealcoat your driveway – Don’t forget to call for driveway sealcoating, either. Sealcoating helps protect your driveway from the elements and is essential for a good-looking driveway.
  3. Remove the leaves – Don’t forget to sweep or blow the leaves off your driveway. Piles of leaves can easily trap moisture, which can damage your asphalt in the long run.
  4. Pick up trash – Don’t ignore trash or other debris that’s sitting on your driveway. This takes away from your driveway’s curb appeal.

Don’t wait any longer to call us for driveway sealcoating and other services. Instead, give your driveway protection from the upcoming winter weather by calling SMI Paving today for a free estimate. See how we can help you keep your Charlotte area driveway in pristine condition.

3 Reasons to Get Asphalt Sealcoating

While you may not think about it often, your asphalt is one of the most important parts of your property. At your home or business, it gives you smooth surfaces to drive, park, and walk on. It’s only natural that you want to keep it in good condition. Sealcoating is one of the best ways to do this. Here are three reasons you should get asphalt sealcoating from SMI Paving.

  1. Your asphalt is old. Asphalt is a very durable surface. But to get the longest possible life out of this material, you need to protect it. Routine maintenance, including sealcoating, is the best way to stretch your investment.
  2. You can tell your asphalt is breaking down. Have you noticed cracks in your driveway? Are areas of your parking lot starting to pit or crumble? Sealcoating may not fix these problems (you’d need more intensive asphalt repair or asphalt crack filling for that), but it can prevent further damage from happening. It can also keep damage from happening in the first place.
  3. It’s been a while since your last sealcoating treatment. Did you know that you should get sealcoating for your driveway or parking lot every three to five years? If it’s been longer than that since your last visit from a driveway sealing company – or if you’ve never had it done – it’s time to pick up the phone.

Don’t wait any longer to give your Charlotte area driveway or parking lot the care it deserves. SMI Paving’s sealcoating services will get your paved areas back to like-new condition. Call today to take advantage of our fall special and get 5% off your sealcoating job!

Fall Is the Right Time for Asphalt Sealcoating

Did you know that fall is a great time to take care of your asphalt? Take advantage of the good weather by calling to schedule asphalt sealcoating at your home or business. The team at SMI Paving believes this is one of the best times of the year to perform this type of asphalt maintenance. In fact, we’re offering a fall special for 5% off sealcoating services. But if saving money isn’t enough, check out these reasons to get your parking lot or driveway sealcoated this fall.

Sealcoat now to protect your asphalt from winter weather.

Sealcoating is one of the best ways to keep moisture from seeping into cracks in your asphalt driveway or parking lot – moisture that will freeze and cause even more damage. By adding this protective coating now, you’ll be prepared for whatever rain, ice, and snow Mother Nature brings your way this winter.

Avoid big repair bills down the road.

If you take measures now to keep your asphalt from cracking, you won’t have to pay to fix those cracks in the months to come. Paying a little upfront for sealcoating really pays off in the long run.

Your asphalt will look great.

Winter is always a little dull and dreary. You may not realize it, but freshly sealcoated asphalt will really enhance the appearance of your home.

Ready to get asphalt sealcoating for your home or business?

Take the next step by calling SMI Paving. We’ll give you a free estimate for our residential or commercial sealcoating services in Charlotte, NC. (Don’t forget to ask about our fall special!) We’ll get to work and you’ll have beautiful, like-new pavement once again!

How to Tell if You’ve Hired a Great Asphalt Paving Company

A good asphalt paving job takes time. Professional pavers take their time and pay close attention to the residential and commercial paving work they do. But for the average homeowner or property manager, knowing whether you’re getting quality work can be difficult. That’s where SMI Paving can help. Here are three ways to tell if you’re getting quality results from a great asphalt paving company:

  1. Ask about the asphalt – Have you ever thought to ask about the asphalt material that’s being used? The best asphalt mixes are made from high-quality materials and will be custom-made. Avoid companies that don’t use fresh, raw materials in their asphalt mix.
  2. Watch the prep process – If possible, watch the paver’s preparation process. Proper preparation is the key to great looking, long-lasting pavement.
  3. Find out about drainage – Finally, if a paving company offers you advice on drainage, it’s a good sign that you’re working with the best of the best. Professional pavers understand how poor drainage affects both new and old asphalt. They’ll want to help you keep your paved areas in great condition for years to come.

Looking to skip the guesswork when it comes to finding high-quality asphalt paving? SMI Paving is the only name you need to know. Call today to discover all the quality services we provide.

4 Ways to Identify Quality Parking Lot Paving

Maintaining a safe place for your employees and customers to park is an important job for any commercial facilities manager. But before you call for parking lot paving, make sure you know what makes up a quality commercial paving job.  SMI Paving has four ways to tell if your Charlotte, NC asphalt paving passes the test.

  1. Sufficient drainage – Water is one of the biggest enemies of asphalt. One of the best ways to tell if your parking lot was paved properly is to observe its ability to drain excess water. If your parking areas were paved fairly recently and show signs of poor drainage, you maybe didn’t get the highest quality job.
  2. New, smooth appearance – If your commercial paving company put down a fresh layer of asphalt on top of what was already there, look for a smooth finish. A bumpy appearance means your new asphalt may not last.
  3. Durable gravel base – For new parking lots, asphalt contractors should put down a base of gravel first. The gravel helps the asphalt stay strong under the pressure of heavy vehicles. Make sure this happens on your property.
  4. The smallest details matter – The best paving companies will always devote their fullest attention to the job at hand. From the big picture to the minor details, your contractor should work hard to make sure your pavement is smooth, even, and strong.

If you’re ready to hire a commercial paving company that guarantees high-quality commercial parking lot paving, contact SMI Paving. We help companies in South Carolina and North Carolina get the best asphalt paving possible.

How to Protect Your Parking Lot From UV Rays

You know that ultraviolet rays are bad for your skin. But did you know that they’re bad for your pavement, too? Just like they damage your skin, UV rays can cause your asphalt parking lot to break down. If you want to avoid the need for commercial paving repair, there are a few things you can do. SMI Paving has some tips on how you can protect your lot from UV rays.

  • Start with a quality paving job – It’s always wise to call professional commercial parking lot paving contractors to work on your property. Poorly laid asphalt will quickly deteriorate from UV rays, water, weight, and other factors. You should only trust the pros for your commercial paving repair, too.
  • Fix damage as quickly as you can – Damaged areas of asphalt will only increase in size and severity if left untreated. UV rays will have more of an impact on damaged pavement than on areas that are in good condition. As soon as you see cracks, potholes, or other damage, call for asphalt pavement repairs right away.
  • Seal coating adds extra protection –  Seal coating your parking lot adds an extra layer of protection to your asphalt. Just like sunscreen, this coating protects the surface from the sun’s harsh rays. Without it, your asphalt will be at the mercy of the intense summer heat.

When you need commercial paving repair for your business in the Charlotte area, call SMI Paving. Find out how our paving contractors can help keep your asphalt in the best condition possible.

4 Signs You May Need a New Parking Lot

When your parking lot is in bad condition, it sends a message about your company that may not be accurate. At SMI Paving, we know you care about the appearance of your property and the safety of all who are there. If your asphalt isn’t looking its best, it’s time to consider whether you should repair it or call someone for parking lot paving. In addition to weighing the costs, you have to consider the severity of the damage. Here are four main signs that you may need a complete commercial paving job.

  1. Raveling – Broken, loose, and severely damaged asphalt may be an indicator that your parking lot is beyond repair. When you notice damage that cannot be sealed or fixed (called raveling), call a commercial paving company to ask about repaving.
  2. Chemical Stains – In general, your asphalt will collect stains from gas, oil, and other chemicals. In small amounts, these substances cause only minor damage. But over time, these chemical spills will cause the asphalt to erode – especially if large quantities have leaked onto your pavement.
  3. Cracks – While many cracks can be fixed with sealing and filling, large areas of widespread cracking often lead to a repaving job.
  4. Drainage Issues – It’s normal for a little bit of standing water to collect on your parking lot after a storm. However, frequent puddles that take a long time to go away are a sign of a more serious issue. If you’re constantly dealing with drainage issues, it might be time to talk about parking lot paving.

If you notice these things happening with your asphalt, call SMI Paving for a free estimate on our commercial paving services.