How Much Does Commercial Sealcoating Cost?

Last time, we talked with you about how the look of your parking lot can reflect positively or negatively on your business. One of the ways many of our commercial clients create a more attractive parking lot is through sealcoating. Commercial sealcoating is a great way to protect, restore, and refresh the asphalt paving at your retail development, office park, warehouse, manufacturing complex, or industrial facility. But as with any project of this size, you’re going to be concerned about the costs. How is the price of a commercial sealcoating job determined? Here are four factors that can affect the price you pay.

  1. The size of your parking lot. This is the place where most commercial paving contractors will start building their estimates. The square footage of your parking lot will determine how big the crew needs to be and how long the job will take.
  2. Your deadline. How quickly do you need the job turned around? Many commercial sealcoating crews can get a project completed faster during non-working hours. Talk to your contractor about how much flexibility they have and how it will affect the cost.
  3. The layout of your parking lot. Curves, medians, islands, and other features can require more time for application than a wide open parking lot.
  4. Prep work. Parking lots must be cleaned before the process starts. The dirtier it is, the more expensive the job may be. The same applies to crack filling.

For a free estimate on commercial sealcoating or paving in North or South Carolina, call SMI Paving. Or, request an estimate online. We’ll do everything we can to give you a price that fits your budget.

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