Driveway Paving or Sealing: Which is Right for You?

Your driveway is exposed to more wear and tear than just about any other part of your property. From withstanding the weight of vehicles to suffering through the most extreme weather and temperatures, it’s got to stand up to some pretty tough conditions. Over time, it’s completely normal for a driveway to show some signs of aging. But if your driveway needs work, how do you know what will fix it? Here are some tips for whether you should choose driveway paving or seal coating to improve the look and performance of your asphalt.

Driveway Paving

If your driveway has lots of cracks, ruts, or is crumbling, driveway paving is probably your best option. Repaving allows you to start from scratch. The old asphalt will be removed and a fresh coat will be put down.

Although crack filling is an alternative, some cracks are deep enough to insert a knife, screwdriver, or other object. If this is the case, simply filling the crack isn’t enough. Fresh asphalt will look nicer, hold up better under the weight of vehicles, and allow for better drainage.

Driveway Seal Coating

Did you know that asphalt is a petroleum-based product? That means it will react when it comes in contact with other petroleum-based products. It’s a situation that’s hard to avoid when vehicles are parked or moving over your driveway on a daily basis. Even the smallest amounts of gasoline and oil can cause your asphalt to degrade.

Seal coating helps maintain your asphalt for longer if your driveway is already in relatively good condition. By covering the surface of your driveway, you’ll protect it from chemicals and friction. Your driveway will be smooth and stable for years to come.

SMI Paving Can Do Both!

The good news is that no matter which option you choose, you have an experienced paving contractor to call—SMI Paving. We’ll help you evaluate your driveway and decide which service is best. If your driveway simply needs to be maintained through seal coating or needs total asphalt paving, we can help. Contact us today to request a free estimate.