How to Tell if You’ve Hired a Great Asphalt Paving Company

A good asphalt paving job takes time. Professional pavers take their time and pay close attention to the residential and commercial paving work they do. But for the average homeowner or property manager, knowing whether you’re getting quality work can be difficult. That’s where SMI Paving can help. Here are three ways to tell if you’re getting quality results from a great asphalt paving company:

  1. Ask about the asphalt – Have you ever thought to ask about the asphalt material that’s being used? The best asphalt mixes are made from high-quality materials and will be custom-made. Avoid companies that don’t use fresh, raw materials in their asphalt mix.
  2. Watch the prep process – If possible, watch the paver’s preparation process. Proper preparation is the key to great looking, long-lasting pavement.
  3. Find out about drainage – Finally, if a paving company offers you advice on drainage, it’s a good sign that you’re working with the best of the best. Professional pavers understand how poor drainage affects both new and old asphalt. They’ll want to help you keep your paved areas in great condition for years to come.

Looking to skip the guesswork when it comes to finding high-quality asphalt paving? SMI Paving is the only name you need to know. Call today to discover all the quality services we provide.