Is Your Parking Lot Hurting Your Business?

When people visit your business, what’s the first thing they see? It may be signage or the landscaping. But more often than not, one of the primary things your customers will notice is your parking lot. For many companies, this first impression may not be as good as it possibly can be. As a commercial paving company serving North and South Carolina, we’ve seen lots of parking lots over the years—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Based on our experience, we’d like you to consider the following ways your parking lot could be hurting your business.

  1. Potholes & cracks: Damage to a parking lot is inevitable, especially if large trucks are frequently driving around your property. But leaving potholes and cracks untreated is unsightly—and dangerous. Not only can these blemishes cause damage to tires, they also make it difficult for people to walk through your parking lot. A commercial paving company can offer you repair options such as crack filling and pavement repairs.
  2. Faded appearance: Over time, traffic and exposure to the elements will leave your asphalt parking lot looking faded and worn. Eventually, your lot may need to be repaved. But you can also extend the life of your pavement through sealcoating. This process applies a fresh layer of tar to an asphalt surface. Parking lots look brand new at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Ease of parking: How simple is it for customers, delivery trucks, or other visitors to make their way around your parking lot? If parking space lines, directional arrows, or crosswalks are faded, drivers and pedestrians could have a difficult time finding their way around. Refresh your parking lot striping and create a safer space that’s easy for everyone to understand.

Don’t let your parking lot’s appearance hurt your business! Call SMI Paving and let our commercial paving experts recommend ways to improve the look and function of your parking areas.

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