5 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Parking Lot

Taking care of your commercial asphalt is important, especially during the summer. As a commercial paving repair business, the team at SMI Paving believes this is vital to having a long-lasting, safe space for vehicles to park and travel through. Here are five of our top summertime parking lot maintenance tips:

  1. Walk around your parking lot regularly – Walk around your parking lot often. This can help you become more aware of any changes or damages done to your property over the course of the season.
  2. Sweep it often – Clean up your parking lot on a regular basis. Sweep off debris and clean up trash. This will boost the curb appeal of your property.
  3. Keep an eye out for damage – The increased temperatures of summer can cause your asphalt to weaken. If you see any cracks or potholes, get them fixed right away.
  4. Update your striping and markings – If your parking lot markings and striping are old or faded, consider scheduling a restriping service. Not only are these markings needed for safety, they help make your parking lot look newer and more attractive.
  5. Remove areas of standing water – After a storm, notice if there are any areas of standing water. Standing water is one of the leading factors in the formation of potholes.

When you need commercial paving repair in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Charlotte, and Lancaster areas this summer, contact SMI Paving. We’ll get your asphalt back in the best condition possible.