Commercial Asphalt Paving

Our commercial paving services include providing pavement solutions to commercial properties such as factories, businesses, retail areas, distribution centers, hospitals, and other facilities. Our commercial asphalt paving procedure involves firstly preparing the asphalt paving mixture which is comprised of a wide selection of materials – which is then applied to create a strong and smoothed-out paved surface.

Commercial asphalt paving is perfect for areas that deal with frequent visits from heavy trucks and jam-packed traffic. It is also the most advisable option since asphalt is rigid enough to withstand hefty vehicles and severe weather conditions without easily succumbing to cracks and potholes! Thanks to asphalt, water can no longer penetrate your roads and pavements easily. This makes asphalt, once again, an appropriate candidate for public commercial areas as it promises long-term safety and prevention from accidents.

If you are looking to get a commercial area paved, you have come to the right place. SMI Paving focuses on using the correct ratio of materials to suit your property’s geographical setting. With the proper materials, SMI Paving promises to cut down your road and pavement’s high maintenance costs over time and give you high-quality pavements and roads that will last a lifetime!

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