Asphalt milling entails shaving or grinding a few inches off the top of your pavement or road as a way to level out the surface without repaving it from scratch. The reason why asphalt milling is so popular amongst our customers is that it costs less than repaving your road or pavement entirely, and saves the pavement from unnecessary repair time.

Asphalt milling is the perfect option if your pavement is slightly worn off or broken, and just needs a bit of enhancing to make it look brand new again! So if your asphalt structures are looking tattered and rough, SMI Paving will help renovate your surface and make it safe and functional again without the hefty price tag!

Another reason why milling is a popular choice is that it is multi-faceted. Milling isn’t only used for renovating raggedy surfaces but is also used to create slopes around drains, form rumble strips on roads, prepare the surface for repaving, and build slopes around manhole covers.

Leave it to SMI Paving to take care of evening-out the top layers of your paved asphalt surfaces with the help of milling. Although the process sounds aggressive, it is anything but. Asphalt milling is, in reality, a delicate procedure that entails using specialized equipment to refine textured pavement surfaces and give it that smooth and flawless appearance.

Whether it is your drains, sidewalks, or curbs that need to be revived, contact SMI Paving to get it back to looking impeccable again with asphalt milling!

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