Parking Lot Striping

No parking lot is complete, or functional, without proper lines and stripes. These very lines and stripes prevent cars from crashing into one another and keep pedestrians nearby safe and sound. Also, these stripes and lines are not only important but necessary to create proper traffic flow in crowded parking lots. At SMI Paving, we offer parking lot striping services for the safety and convenience of both drivers and pedestrians to prevent collisions and car accidents from occurring.

Our team has been creating parking lot stripes for 5 decades now, so you can expect nothing short of absolute accuracy and precision in their task of designing and lining your parking lot’s stripes. As part of our policy, we adhere to all ADA requirements for stripe designing and installation in North and South Carolina.

Our other parking lot striping services include; creating standard parking lines for organized parking, directional arrows to keep traffic flowing properly, and handicap parking for all of our customers. SMI Paving also designs and installs crosswalks to create safe pedestrian walking and fire lanes for the safety of your commercial and residential facilities. Lastly, you can also get in touch with us if you are looking for customized stenciling for your parking lot. This will involve unique stenciling as per your facility’s requirements.

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