Seal Coating & Crack Filling

As years go by, it is completely natural for your pavement’s surface to deteriorate. This is where SMI Paving’s Seal-coating service comes in handy. Seal-coating reduces your pavement from crumbling apart by ‘sealing’ it with a protective coating that locks in your surface and prevents it from cracks, dirt, and water penetration.

What’s more, Seal-coating costs a fraction less as compared to asphalt repaving and significantly improves your pavement’s surface appearance. By using a refined tar sealer solution, your pavements and roads are prevented from sun oxidation and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Leave it to our experts at SMI Paving to carefully apply the Seal-coating solution with absolute precision that will keep your pavement in mint condition for a very long time!

Another expertise of ours is crack filling services.At SMI Paving, our experts get their hands dirty with filling in your road and pavement’s cracks with the help of a crack-filling solution that reduces water penetration and damage, and increases your driveway’s lifespan at a relatively low budget!

Before proceeding with filling the crack, we first ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned so that the solution can easily adhere to the surface. The best part is, our crack-filling solution applies to both small and large cracks!

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