If you have a paved area of asphalt that's worn out or broken, you may think that you have to repave it completely. That comes at a high cost, both in repair time and expense. Milling may give you the results you want at a fraction of the cost. SMI Paving provides asphalt milling services in North and South Carolina. With this process, we take a couple of inches off the top of the worn out surface by grinding it down. You'll be left with asphalt that's completely renovated, safe, and functional.

Milling has proven to be an effective way to level out the surface of uneven pavement on highways and parking lots. It can also be helpful for creating a slope around drains and manhole covers, as well as for creating rumble strips on roads. And of course, milling can also be used to grade down asphalt to prepare it for repaving.

In order to accomplish these tasks, milling removes the top layer of a paved asphalt surface. Although it sounds intense, it's actually a very delicate process. The specialized equipment that we use can be set to mill the asphalt to a precise level. Not only is a smooth, even finish produced, but the surrounding areas are left intact. Drains, curbs, sidewalks, and other surrounding features won't have to be repaired or replaced.

There's an added benefit, too. The asphalt that's milled can be recycled in other pavement jobs as RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement). All these benefits combine to make milling one of the most efficient asphalt services available.

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