No commercial paving job is complete without a few finishing touches. For parking lots, striping is necessary for safety, convenience, and traffic flow. SMI Paving provides complete parking lot striping services in North and South Carolina.

Our experienced team will evaluate your parking lot and design a custom parking lot striping solution that meets your needs. As we create a plan for the space, we'll also adhere to all ADA requirements for design and installation.

Our striping services include:

  • Standard parking lines: Accurate striping gives you an organized parking area that makes the most of your space.
  • Directional arrows: Directional marks keep traffic moving and drivers safe.
  • Handicap parking: Serve all your customers, staff, and visitors while complying with ADA laws.
  • Crosswalks: Create safe areas for pedestrian traffic by adding or restriping your crosswalks.
  • Fire lanes: Fire lanes are essential for the safety of your facility. Mark them clearly to avoid confusion.
  • Custom stenciling: Do you have striping needs that are unique to your facility? It's no problem for SMI Paving. We offer custom stenciling so your parking lot meets all your needs.

Contact SMI Paving to learn more about our parking lot striping services. We're happy to answer your questions, give our professional recommendations, and provide a free estimate.

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