Site Grading

Any structure that has been built upon a weak and unstable foundation is bond to collapse. This is why we pay utmost importance in leveling out your foundation through roadway and landscape grading. With our professional site grading services, not only will you be able to construct a sturdy structure, but also provide proper drainage to your site’s surrounding area.

We at SMI Paving provide several forms of site grading services that use bulldozers and excavators to prepare your site for road construction projects, commercial sites, industrialized buildings, drainage systems, detention ponds, and building of landscape structures. If that wasn’t impressive enough, SMI Paving also delivers site grading solutions for your curbs and gutters sidewalks, erosion control, and pipe installation.

If you reside in South or North Carolina and are in dire need of site grading, give us a call at (888) 413-3795 and get your residential or commercial property evaluated. Our experts will assess your site’s foundation and determine whether a site grading is necessary or not.

When it comes to site grading, don’t hand over this project to anyone as this can make or break your structure. Let us take care of your site grading worries with the help of our experienced professionals who have been in the site grading field for more than 45 years!

We offer our services in Charlotte, Fort Mill, and Lancaster and guarantee your construction project is built upon solid foundations from the very start!

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